Vong Phaonphanit and Claire Oboussier



Vong Phaophanit and Claire Oboussier’s Studio is based in London and has evolved over a period of 25 years alongside their independent studio practices. It is a place of creative and collective reflection whose ethos is to remain discursively open and generative of new ideas. Areas of particular interest to Phaophanit and Oboussier’s practice include dislocation, memory, and deterritorialization. They recurrently explore forms of meaning-making that exceed national, cultural and social borders.


Phaophanit and Oboussier create work in a broad range of media and scale: large-scale installations and sculptural works, films, books and socially engaged public commissions, as well as smaller scale studio work including drawings, limited edition prints, and photographic work. Their work is held in public and private collections internationally and they produce commissioned work for a range of institutions and clients globally.


They frequently collaborate with leading architects, engineers, musicians and choreographers including:


Hopkins Architects

Eric Parry Architects

Wilkinson Eyre Architects

Architects Alliance

Wright and Wright

John McAslan and Partners

Dewhurst Macfarlane and Partners

Grimshaw Architects

Ushida Findlay Architects



Fabien Guiraud (visual artist and sound producer) joined the studio in 2016 as studio manager.

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