Vong Phaonphanit and Claire Oboussier


2018 Asia Project: How Little You Know About Me

December 01, 2017 at 11:41 AM


The National Museum of Modern and Contmeporary Art, Korea (MMCA) presents 'How Little You Know About Me', the first in MMCA's 2018-19 exhibition series revolving around the keyword 'Asia'. 'How Little You Know About Me' is a question we pose to ourselves ("how do we understant Asia?"), and also one that we raise against the images portrayed and labelled as Asia throughout history. In 'How Little You Know About Me', "Asia" does not simply refer to a geographical region or identity - it is a multifaceted critical framework that enables a new way of percieving the world. Focusing on the role of the artist as the storyteller. the project attempts to ellicit the diverse personal experiences of the artists entangled in the geographical locations and contexts. With this approach, 'How Little You Know About Me' aims to offer new perspectives through which we view the world, while creating an opportunity to cast light on the values and voices of individuals and communities lost in the recorded mainstream history.


Feature article on Vong and Claire in Thai newspaper Matichon: https://www.matichon.co.th/news/761478

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