In other words, 2018
Dream House, 2017
Never real historians, always near poets, 2019
Topography of Dreams, 2007
Mute Meadow, 2011
Dream House, 2017
IT IS AS IF, 2015
Gilding the Border, 2018
What falls to the ground but can’t be eaten, 1991
The Call of Things, 2018
Noen Rice Field, 1993
IT IS AS IF, 2015
Light Veils, 2012
All the World is Two, 2008
Light Curtain, 2009
The Call of Things, 2018
Gilding the Border, 2018
Line, 2014

Latest News

Neon Rice Field, (2023 version) Tate Britain.

‘Neon Rice Field’
Vong Phaophanit, 1993
Tate collection
Now on display at Tate Britain in the Duveens until 2024 as part of Tate Britain Re-Hang.

‘Borderless’, The Cleveland Clinic, London SW1X 7HY

‘Borderless’ is now installed and accessible for public viewing on the West Elevation facade of The Cleveland Clinic, London SW1X 7HY.

Now available: Art History Journal, Eds. Dorothy Price and Sonia Boyce

‘Vong Phaophanit and Claire Oboussier: Three Decades, Four Moments’ Essay by Susan Pui San Lok in Art History journal.

Launching January 2022 – ‘Borderless’, a major new public commission for the Cleveland Clinic London

‘Borderless’, a 13m x 3m relief carving in Portland stone for the West Elevation facade of Cleveland Clinic London.

April 2021 ‘The Call of Things’, Fen Court, 10 Fenchurch Ave, London

‘Winter Spring’, the final piece in the series ‘The Call of Things’ has been unveiled.

18 June – 30 August 2021 ‘A Very Special Place: Ikon in the 1990s’

‘Fragments’ (Vong Phaophanit 1990, The British Art Show, Hayward Gallery, London) is to be shown as part of this survey exhibition at IKON Gallery. Courtesy of The Arts Council Collection.

Oxford Art Journal, Eds. Pamela N Corey and Wenny Teo

‘Toward a Horizon of Un-Knowing: Voice, Aurality, and the Politics of Identification in the Art of Vong Phaophanit and Claire Oboussier’ Essay by Pamela N Corey