Neon Corpus

2008, Snow Hill, Birmingham, UK
Project shortlisted for Snowhill, Birmingham
Strips of clear red neon

Neon Corpus takes the form of multiple layers of argon red neon lines that ascend into the ‘internal façade’ space. At each level a ‘tier’ of neon extends from floor level out across the internal glass façade of the building. The work is visible from multiple points: from the balconies at every level, from outside, and, strikingly, when looking up immediately upon entering the building. Its visual impact is re-defined according to the position of the viewer and the time of day or night. Neon Corpus takes the form of a tiered neon terrain integral to the corpus of the building. It inhabits the space, literally filling it with the glow of the neon, as if it were a vessel filled with coloured liquid.

The space is transformed into a shaft of light, marked by the architectural rhythms of the edifice, infusing the full corpus of the building.